Chevrolet Avalanche

Manufactured from 2001 until 2013, the Chevy Avalanche is a full-size, four-door, pickup truck designed to carry up to six passengers. Over its two generations, the distinctively styled truck was available in several trim levels that featured a variety of standard and optional amenities. The unique mid-gate technology enabled the truck to provide passenger comfort as well as the capabilities of a long-bed pickup. To help retain the appearance, value and performance of your Avalanche, you should only use brand name Chevy parts when making repairs or conducting routine maintenance on your truck.

Chevy Avalanche OEM parts are fabricated from top-quality materials using the identical engineering specs for the parts installed by technicians at the company’s assembly plant. OEM Avalanche parts will fit correctly without the need for special adjustments or extra parts. Avalanche OEM parts are also manufactured to provide the same level of performance, reliability and durability that you expect from the automaker. You do not have to experience the uncertainty that surrounds aftermarket replacement parts.

At, we stock a wide assortment of OEM Chevy Avalanche parts and accessories. These include bumpers, brake pads and starters along with items needed for tuneups, such as belts, spark plugs and oil filters. You can find the OEM Chevy Avalanche parts that you need by selecting the model, make and year from the drop-down menu. The extensive catalog can also be searched by VIN, keyword or part number. Our trained staff is ready to answer any questions that you may have.